Go with God, not the Crowd!

It’s hard not to go along with the crowd. Peer pressure is a real thing—and not just for teenagers. As much as we say that we do, we don’t want to be different. We don’t want to be criticized. We want to fit in! It’s hard not to go along with the crowd.

So it’s amazing to see the strength God gave to his people in the Bible to speak the truth, even when it went against the crowd. God’s prophet Micaiah was once called before wicked King Ahab. All the false prophets—400 of them!—were predicting victory for the wicked king. Micaiah was advised, “Let your word agree with theirs, and speak favorably.” In other words, “Go along with the crowd!” Know what Micaiah said? “As surely as the Lord lives, I can tell him only what the Lord tells me” (1 Kings 22:14). Micaiah spoke the truth from God. Can you guess whose words came true? Micaiah’s words—God’s words—came true. They always do! Don’t go along with the crowd. Go with God!

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