Hope for the Brokenhearted

When you scrap your knee, you put a Band-Aid on it. When you sprain your ankle, you use ice and a brace. When your head hurts, you take an aspirin and a nap. Most pains have a clear remedy…except your heart. What about when it’s your heart? Hurt. Broken. Disappointed. Then what? It’d be nice if there were a “broken-heart” pill, but there isn’t. There’s no surgery for a broken heart either. It’s one of the worst pains there is, and it doesn’t want to go away.

If your heart is broken, I know this will sound hard to believe, but there is hope. The Lord “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3). Whatever has hurt your heart, God knows. Whatever they did—or whatever you did—Jesus died on the cross to forgive you and them. I know you can’t see how you will ever make it through this, but God does. He has your life planned out from beginning to end, and you know where it ends—with Jesus in heaven. Need a Band-Aid for your heart? Open up God’s Word and hear his unfailing promises. There is hope for the brokenhearted: Jesus.

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