Join Jesus for Supper

If you knew that after supper tonight, you would be arrested, condemned for a crime you didn’t commit, and executed by tomorrow afternoon, what you would be doing right about now? I’d be getting out of here! Never eating supper again. Thinking of anything I could to avoid it.

Not Jesus! On Maundy Thursday, Jesus knew exactly what lay ahead for him. His last supper with his disciples. His earnest prayers in Gethsemane. His arrest. The most unjust trial ever. The mockings and beatings and thorns. His cruel death on the cross. He knew all of that was coming. So what did Jesus do? He didn’t run. He walked right into it. In fact, he told his disciples, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer” (Luke 22:15). There was no turning back for Jesus. He loves us too much!

Here’s the most amazing part: Jesus invites you to join him. To join him at that supper. To receive his body—shed on the cross—for your sins. To receive his blood—shed on the cross—for your sins. So that you can be absolutely sure that you are forgiven and saved and loved by God himself. There’s no more beautiful invitation! Come to Jesus’ supper tonight. May God bless you as you reflect on all that Jesus has done for us.

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