No Picking and Choosing!

We love to pick and choose. You go to a rummage sale to find a few treasures and ignore the junk. At a buffet, you pick your favorite foods and leave the rest. You flip through the channels until you find what you want to watch. We love to pick and choose. Is it any surprise that we do the same thing with God’s Word? We pick and choose. We love what God says about his love. We’d rather not hear about sin. We’re happy to have God promise his protection. We don’t think we need his commands about sex or money. We love to pick and choose!

It’s just that’s not the way it works with God and his Word. The Bible is not a buffet. Every one of God’s teachings is connected like a chain. Once one link is broken, you don’t have truth anymore. There’s no Savior without sin. You can’t love what is good without hating what is evil. The apostle Paul recognized this. As he traveled around the world sharing the Gospel, Paul must have been tempted to pick and choose what people wanted to hear. But he didn’t. Instead, he trusted in God and said, “I have not hesitated to proclaim to you the whole will of God” (Acts 20:27). Try it: Keep studying… Keep hearing… Keep reading… Keep trusting in the whole will of God!

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